The moment we’ve all been waiting for! My day with (some) of The Hobbit cast! Make-a-Wish style~

*Takes deep breath* SO

See I told you guys it was a lot lol


We arrived at Wellington around 1am on Wednesday, and GUESS WHAT, I still had to color most of the cast’s letters! *sigh* so I stayed up till like 3am finishing them, and I woke up at a ripe time of 6:30 to start getting ready for the meeting. After I got ready, we all went downstairs for breakfast (I couldn’t eat anything, I was too nervous) and a Wish representative met us in the lobby and asked if I had any questions for her, and if I had any questions thought up for Peter Jackson. I told her no, which was the truth lol I honestly was so scared I had nothing to talk about, because I was just so happy that I was even meeting him, a handshake would have been fine for me! So she left, and a little while after a big white limo came to pick us up. It was sooo cool! When we got in the driver said “So, off to Stone Street Studios?” and in my brain I was like “HOLD THE PHONE. THEY’RE FILMING THERE RIGHT NOW. THAT’S.WHERE.THEY.FILM.” But I was too shocked to say anything irl so I just stayed quiet and let her drive. We drove past a beautiful harbor and I still felt like I was gunna vomit. So we pull up to a wall and it says “Stone Street Studios” and to the right, was the numerous stages and off in the back was the huuuuuge wall of green screen. I knew exactly where I was from the production videos. I was right in the heart of the filming. 
We were greeted by a man named Phil (Really really realllllly awesome guy) , and a security guard. The security guard brought us into a little hut thing and said “Alright, well we’re gunna have you guys sign a few confidentiality papers. In my brain, I was like “FOR wHAT?!?!? WHTS DO YOU MEAN GOOD SIR PLS TELL ME ASDFGHJKL;” But again, I silently just went along with everything, and signed away~ After everyone was done signing, Phil was like “Alright we’re going to take you to (insert letter that I can’t remember here) stage. Peter should be filming over there.” And I felt my heart jump into my throat. We walked a few feet and to the right of me was all the trailers all the cast live in, and I was internally freaking out. So we enter the stage and let me tell you this, it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO much bigger on the inside then what we see from the production videos. The ceilings were massive and it’s like a jungle it’s so giant. We walked in and BAM massive set in front of me. There were a buncha computers and people sitting at them, and people walking around with things in their ears and all of them pretty much had coffee too. Off to the left there was a rack of clothes and weapons just chillin, and I can’t even explain it. It was a wonderland. Before we did anything I noticed about 5 different sized Gandalf staffs. Phil told me they were all for Sir Ian Mckellen and his stunt doubles, and he took one out for me to hold. And of course as I held it I did the “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” Like I just HAD to do it. Then we were brought to an area with about 8 lawn chairs set in front of a tv thing on wheels. We sat in the chairs, and next to us was this giant black drape and over it was the set and scene they were working on at THAT VERY MOMENT. On the screen in front of us was Lee Pace and Orlando Bloom goofing off before the camera was rolling. Phil bends down to me and says “They’re doing that live, right next to you. They’re about to start filming, so we’ll be quiet so we can hear.” So we heard action and they started. Then, two people behind us passed up these headphones with a walky talky thing attached to it and Phil was like “Are you sure?” And the people nodded and were like “They can have them.” So I put them on, and you could hear directly what Lee and Orlando were saying. I watched them act, LIVE! It was the coolest experience ever!!!! We watched them do that scene for a good 10 minutes straight over and over, and I could’ve watched it for hours. Then we heard “cut” and the actors left the screen. 
I took my headphones off and just waited patiently, taking in the huge building and everything in there. I was in heaven. Then I snapped out of it when I heard “Hey guys!” And I turn and there was Lee Pace, IN THE FLESH~ I smiled super big (mind all of you, I didn’t fangirl like an idiot to anyone I met. I thought I was very composed) I held my hand over my mouth and lowered them to squeak out a “Hello Mr. Pace.” And then he introduced himself to my family, and he turns and points to the people behind me (who gave up their headphones) and said “I don’t know if you guys met, but these are my parents!” And I’m pretty sure I shit myself. (btw, this whole time Lee had this huge smile on his face and it made me so happy asdfghjkl) So I introduced myself to his parents and thanked them for the headphones again. Lee asked if I was a fan of Tolkien and I told him I was a huge fan, it’s been a big part of my life for so long and he asked if I had read the books, and I told him that I did, and he asked if I have the Silmarillion, to which I replied no, but it was on my list of things to read and he waved his hands across his throat, signaling a “no no no no no no” and I smiled and was like “Yeah I’ve heard it’s quite like a textbook.” And he was like “It’s so dense, but it did help me learn some about my character.” And then I mentioned how I have the Tolkien Bestiary which is like an Encyclopedia of just straight up Arda and he was like “Hm, I’ll have to check that out.” I noticed his clothing, and commented on how I really liked it (It was Elvish gear, but I can’t say what he was wearing) and he was said “Oh thanks! Take a look a this sword!” And he pulls out his sword that he uses and handed it to me. He was explaining how every detail of his sword was handcrafted by WETA and how cool he thought it was (WHICH IS WAS AMAZING) So I had the sword in my lap and Lee turns and says “Welp, I gotta get back on set, I’ll see you guys again!” And he just leaves, without his sword!!! So I just sat there like an idiot and I was like “Does…he want his sword back?” I almost died laughing in my head. Then, that’s when we meet Super Nice Weapons Guy! (That’s gunna be his name cause I don’t think he told me his name) and he legit came outa nowhere and was like “Oh I’ll take that!” So Super Nice Weapon Guy will be mentioned later, so don’t forget him. Then, Lee’s Mom tapped me on the back and we started talking about where I lived and where they lived and all that and then I turn my head for a second to look back at the screen and BAM. Orlando Bloom walks passed me and my family and nods his head like “Sup” as he passed. Everyone stared at me because they knew Orlando was my first celebrity crush since I was little, and I turned around to Lee’s Mom and was like “I think my heart just dropped to the floor!” And she said “Don’t ours all? He’s so nice, he’ll be back.” 
Moments later, he did come back. He introduced himself to my family, and then knelt at my side. I was very flustered, but I managed to pipe up a “Hi Mr. Bloom!” And he was like “Hello there, what’s your name?” And I responded with “Samantha” and he asked me why I was here, and I said for my make a wish, and he was like “Ohh that’s lovely!” And I asked if “Can I tell you something?” He nodded and I told him how The Lord of the Rings got me through a really rough child, and I thanked him for being apart of that and keeing me afloat (and I almost cried it was pretty bad lol) and he was like “Oh darling, you’re welcome.” And pulled me in for a hug really tight and I KEPT IN THE TEARS I’M SO PROUD. Then he started rubbing his eye while we talked about New Jersey and he was like “Man, I wish I had those beautiful blue eyes you have so I wouldn’t have to wear these darn things.” And he took his contact and pushed it out of the way and showed his brown eyes. So first I was like “Holy shit super fangirl moment I want to faint” to “Holy shit he just touched his fucking eyeball I’m gunna faint bleck” but I was just really nerdy and I was like “Thanks but they’re pretty contacts you have!” Then he was like “Ooops I gotta go back on set, I’ll see you again!” Then he ran off. I was on Cloud 9. Then Super Nice Weapons Guy floated out of nowhere again and was kneeling beside me holding out a weapon. (I can’t say) but he looked like a kid on Christmas morning. He had so much life in him, He was like “This was used by so and so and in this and that scene! Here you can hold it and touch it! See some things are intended this, that etc.” He was just so happy!! It made me smile :) Then, I met another really cool guy, named Sebastian!  He was wearing a giant smile, and maroonish looking skinny jeans with a realllly awesome blue sweater. Not relevant but thought I’d throw that in there. And he was like 9394848 ft tall. He was awesome. Anyway, I’m not too sure what his job was exactly, but at one point he made tea for Peter maybe his assistant or something lol who knows. But anyway we talked for a bit about set and what it’s like to work on set and stuff, and I noticed they hadn’t done anything on the screen so I was like “…….Do you think I could peek at the set they’re filming on right now?” And his face lit up, and he was like “I think we can do that!” And we walked passed that big black drape and boom. Camera’s and lights everywhere, and I saw a gillion and one camera people and in the midst of everyone was Aidan Turner and Peter Jackson himself!!! Aidan turned his head for a minute and I waved like a dork at him lol. He waved back and looked reallllly confused. Then he left, and Sebastian was like “You can walk on the set if you’d like!” So I walked on it and it was ammazzzzing. It was hugeee. Then Orlando saw me again and came up to me asking if I wanted to hold his fighting knives, to which I said yes! So i was oogling at them and then he was like “Why don’t we get a picture? Do you wanna hold the knvies?” but I told him I thought it would be cool if he held them for the picture (totally regret that weh) So then the on set photographer took pictures (Which this photographer is the same guy who took the pictures for the cover of EMPIRE magazine! HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?!??!) Then Peter Jackson came out of nowhere and Orlando was like “Come on Pete, why don;t you get in the picture?” And Peter was like “No no, you’re the sex icon.” And in my brain I was like NO NO PRECIOUS MR JACKSON PLEASE DON’T THINK THAT I LOVE YOU so I said “Why don’t you get in the picture! Please?” And he was like “Oooh I guess so.” But playful, not mean haha. Then when we were done taking pictures I introduced myself and thanked him up and down for letting me come on the set. He was so humble about it. I wish he really knew how I felt, hopefully in my letters he’ll know how much it meant to me. Then I told him that I felt like I was watching a video diary, and not really there. Like it didn’t really sink in yet, and he was like “That’s a good thing!” then I heard people calling my name “Samm, turn around!” and crew members were pouring stuff from the set in my hand telling me what it was made of. Everyone was so into it and they really reminded me of kids on Christmas morning. It was fantastic. Then I turned back around to Peter and he saw my necklace move (Which is a keychain of The Key to Erebor, but I broke the keychain part off and made it a necklace because the necklaces are expensive and the keychains have more detail) and Mr. Jackson said “Oh, that’s Richard’s key!” then this little bugger totally tilted his head and gave a little smirk and said “I bet Richard would like to see that.” THIS SUCKER KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING. I LOVE YOU. So then, before I could let myself totally fangirl an make a mockery of myself, I said “I would love to show Richard my key!” and Peter turned to Sebastian and Phil and nodded like a little miracle worker and said “I think Richard would like to see that key.” And off we went!
We walked out of that stage and across the lot to another stage. Phil and Sebastian went with us and said that Richard was just finishing up filming a scene. So when we entered that stage and there was another giant set. It was significantly darker in here than it was in the other stage, but I didn’t care one bit. We arrived and there were more lawn chairs and another TV on wheels thing set up but this one wasn’t on. Apparently it wasn’t working, and they tried so hard to get it working, and I told them it was really okay if they didn’t get it working! And they were like “noo it’s not okay!” But, you guys, it was, because we were so close to Richard Armitage filming that I could hear EVERYTHING. And I was so close to a camera that I was watching the screen on the camera. I was AMAZING. I watched Richard Armitage ACT. I am proud to say that, it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Inspiring, just any nice word you wanna throw out there, it was that. Then we heard “cut” and I saw him walk off set. And we all know how Richard is a method actor. He stays in character all day. He walked off the set with /the/ meanest look on his face and glared RIGHT at me. I GOT A THORIN STAREEEEEEEEEEEE. Then Sebastian walked over and whispered in his ear and literally it was like night and day. His face went from “imma kill” to “Flowers and tea, yay let’s go play” And I got up and walked over to him. He said (in the mst adorable accent on the planet) Hello there, I’m Richard.” Now guys………I love Richard Armitage ok. Proud member of the Armitage Army like come on look at my blog, so you can imagine what my insides were like when I was standing in front of him. He was sooo tall compared to me (well I mean everyone is, I’m 5’2) but I was like (in a really dorky tone because I was literally over the moon) “Hello Mr. Armitage!” and I was shaking a little becaUSE RICHARD ARMITAGE. And then he held up two swords that he was holding and was showing them to me saying how they were covered in orc blood and we were touching it together and he was like “Yeah it’s pretty sticky, I have it all over me” and then we had a conversation about something that I can’t say but damn I’m pretty sure it made me seem educated in the world of Tolkien. Then he turned away to look at something and I was like “Can I ask you something?” and he was like “Sure!” So I asked him if he really played flute or if it was just a rumor, and he was like “Yeah I do, why?” And I said “Well, I play too!” And he was like Oh, really!! What level are you?” Then in my brain I was like Oh awkward because in America (at least where I come from we don’t have levels) so I told him that I have been playing for 6 years, and then he rubbed his majestic beard and was like “You know, you should really check out this Skavinsky piece, it’s one of my most favorite things to play, you’ll love playing it.” So I told him I would, and then I told him I had to tell him something. I explained how The Lord of the Rings was a huge part of my life growing up in a rough childhood, and waiting for The Hobbit really helped me get through cancer, because it gave me something to look forward to, and I thanked him for bringing Thorin to life so beautifully. I started to get a little choked up because cancer was tough on me and he was like “Oh my, come here.” And pulled me in to a giant bear hug. I thanked him again even though my voice was muffled in his fur shoulder thing. It was such a great moment, and then guess what happened. Typical Samm moment. My earcuff I was wearing was dangly, and had these elvish looking leaves on them, and one of the leaves got stuck in Richard’s wig. IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING. Actually, at the moment it wasn’t because we were both laughing about it trying to get undone. And my aunt told me later that Richard was smiling like an idiot and looked like a little 5 year old trying to get untangled and he said “Oh! I think we may be stuck!” But now that I look back at it I kinda die with embarrassment lol but I guess how many girls can say their earring got stuck in Richard’s wig? Not many ;) But after we were unstuck I was like “I’m so sorry!” and he was like “no no, it’s fine, but i really like your earring!” I told him thank you, it’s my elvish cuff, i wore it just for today, and he was like “Aaah! I’m wearing one too, see!” And he pulled his wig hair back with his giant dwarf prosthetic fingers and revealed his dwarven ear cuff on his right ear. Then idfk why i said this i was like “Wow! We’re twinning!” =__= don’t ask my mind wasn’t on earth.  Then he was like “Would you like a picture?” So we took a normal picture together, and then he handed me a sword and my cousin one and he was like “Alright, take a swing at me.” And I was like “????????? I don’t wanna hurt you! I’m really clumsy” and he was like “You won’t, just do it like this” and then he pointed the end of my sword at his chest and he acted like he was getting stabbed, and we took the picture like that and I just can’t believe how creative that was and sdfghjkl RICHARD <3 So then after that I gave him another hug and said goodbye and then we were off to lunch!
We ate lunch in the giant tent that always shows up in the production videos, it was amazing. And the food was amazing. I tried lamb for the first time, and it was banginnnn! There weren’t any actors eating in there but A LOT of doubles including Kiran Shah!!! I saw him and totally internally fangirled. We ate for a bit and Phil was like “See him over there, that’s Kiran Shah, The Hobbit’s stunt double, and that’s ******** (I cant remember his name) but he was Gandalf’s stunt double. So Phil got up and brought them over to my table and I shook their hands and talked to them for awhile <3 It was freaking awesome. Then after we were done eating, I really didn’t know what we were gunna do next, I was already way happier than I ever thought. But Phil led us outside and was like “Alright, well we set up an appointment for you to get a tour of WETA workshop, so we’re just gunna ride over there now. I was like OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG WETA. I was sooo excited!!!!!!!!!! So we drove over there and walked in and it was like a wave of action figures and stuff. It was mind blowing. In front of us was the main desk and a guy sitting in it and a glass room with *ahem* RICHARD TAYLOR sitting in it having a conference with a bunch of other people. Our tour guide came out and was very bubbly and nice, and right before we were about to leave, I told her I have something for everyone at WETA, and I pulled out the letter I write to everyone there, and it was colored all pretty and such. The tour guide and the guy behind the desk just looked at each other and the guy said “We never get anything like didn’t have to do this!” And I said “Well, you guys work really hard at bringing everything to life, so I wanted to thank you guys.” and the guy took the letter from me saying “This is very nice of you, I’ll put this right here for Richard Taylor to read first.” I the insides of my stomach went WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I asked the tour guide “That’s Richard Taylor in there, right?” And she nodded and said “Mhm, I’d have you meet him, but that meeting won’t end for a while.” So with that we began the tour. She said no one outside of the crew gets to see what I saw. I literally saw every single room. It was mind numbing, that’s how cool it was. They also have 6 dogs, which they’re adorable. I held Sting!!! THE Sting from The Lord of the Rings!!!!  So after the tour was over, we got a WETA cave bag and 2 shirts that they gave us as a thank you, which was awesome. Then as we were about to get in the car, Phil said “Okay. well no we’re off to Wingnut Films.” And I knew exactly what that was. PoSt PrOdUcTiOn sTuDiO.So I got super excited again, and we pulled up to it, and it was literally like a mansion. And when you walked in, it was like a freaking living room/den area. It was so homey. There’s like 5 theaters in this building, and we went to 3 of them. The first one was so grand, I almost pooped myself. The chairs were red carpet material, and the walls were carved with so many designs it was incredible. But my favorite part was the ceiling. When you looked up, there were these twinkling stars covered the entire ceiling. The woman told us that there were 9,000 lights all in the order that they are in space to make a constellation. That was so freaking cool. So in that theater we learned all about Wingnut Films. Then in the next theater, we learned about sound mixing, and in the next theater, we met a really nice guy and learned about CGI. It was reallly cool. Then we left and drove back to stone street studios. Phil had to leave, but then Sebastian took over the tour.
We were walking back to the stages when a little boy came walking out of nowhere holding a banana. He had blonde curly hair and was sooo adorable like I can’t even. Then he looked at us all and said “Ba-nan-na!” and threw the banana on the ground and I was like AWWWWWW. Then he walked away (Which was strange to me because he didn’t even look 3 and was walking all over by himself with cars and stuff going by but whateva~) then Sebastian was like “That was Evangeline’s son.” and I was like SDFGHJK. Anyway, we returned and were seated back in the first set of lawn chairs, Lee’s Mom and Dad were still sitting there. Lee’s Mom tapped on my back and said “Lee was so impressed by how much you knew about all of this! He said it was great!” Then I was all dork and my face probably got all red and stupid looking as I said “That’s such an honor! He’s so nice.” I don’t even know lol. So we were back to watching the little screen thingy and it was Evangeline and Aidan doing stuff, (can’t tell you what doe~) And that was really neat and eventually Evangeline came out and started walking passed us but ended up doing a double take. She walked over and behind her came someone recording me and her and while we were talking. I introduced myself and she introduced herself to my family and she was soo sweet and gorgeous too. She asked me what I was doing on set and I told her I was there for my Make-a-Wish and she was like “Ohh sweetie come here! That’s wonderful!” And gave me a huge hug. Then when she walked away, Super Nice Weapons guy came out of nowhere and showed me more stuff, which was amazing. Then, Orlando Bloom came back out and I said “Hi again!” And he came over and talked to me for a bit, and randomly said again “I still can’t get over those beautiful blue eyes you have.” I said thank you and stood up and thanked him again just for being him and being a big part of my life, and how much everything meaned to me, and he was like “Well, then I hope you’ll like this.” AND THEN HE /KISSED ME ON THE CHEEKS/ I DIED. OK. I DIED ON THE INSIDE. IT WAS MAGICAL. ASDFHJKL; Then I gave him a hug and he pulled me away and said “We have to do a heart hug, it’s where the hearts touch” SO WE DID A HEART HUG. He was the sweetest guy ever. Like seriously. If you ever see this, Orlando, Thank you so much, again. You made my life. Well after that he had to go, and then I met a new person. His name is Seamus. Seamus was the man! He knelt down beside me and told me his name and what his job was , although I can’t remember what exactly his job was, but needless to say, he was the bomb. He knelt beside me and said “How about in a little bit, I take you over the art department, because that’s my favorite place!  But for now, you can watch them film this scene, ill get us set u. But if you don’t want to, then that’s okay too. Whatever you want to do you can.” And I said I would love to go to the art department! So a few minutes later he came back with another guy, named Ra. You can see Ra in the latest Production video. Now, Ra was amazing. You can tell he loveddd his job, and he was the coolest guy ever. He took us to another stage which was the art department. When you walked in there was a gillion pictures and things hanging up all Hobbity. We didn’t stay in that room long. Then we went to another room, and Ra said that room was his favorite. I CAN’T TELL YOU WHAT WAS IN THERE THOUGH *cries* I WISH I COULD BT GUUYS I LITERALLY ALMOST PEED MYSELF IT WAS AMAZING. We stayed in there for awhile, and then we went into another room which is where they kept all the dwarven props. I held Oin’s ear trumpet, and Kili and Fili’s pipe, and some battle axes, and *drum roll* BOMBUR’S FIGHTING SPOON! It was as tall as me!!!! and the spoon head was as big as my head!!!! 
Then after we held a buncha stuff we went onto an empty set and walked around there, then we returned to the original stage that we first arrived to, and we walked in and we stood where we were for a second for some reason (I think Sebastian had to see what was going on) So  my family and I were just chillin for a second when I spotted Lee Pace, standing behind the guys with computers at a little desk looking station in the middle of the giant sets. We made eye contact and I waved to him, and he flagged me over and mouthed “Come here!” I was really confused…so I pointed to myself and mouthed back, “Me?” And he was like “Yeah!” So I looked back at my family and they weren’t paying attention so I was like “Deuces lol” and I walked over and stood next to Lee. He was telling me how this was his favorite spot to hang out because he gets to see all the cool stuff. Then he pointed to one of the computers (There was like 8 of them it was really intense) and he’s like “See that? They’re doing that live, in another stage right now, isn’t that cool?!” Then the guys behind the computers started acting like little kids and were like “Samm look at this! Look at that!” And then, they should me something so amazing that I KNOW i shouldn’t have seen and they friggin knew what they were doing and what is was was so mind blowing I literally made this face
And since Lee was like 43948394 feet taller than me I had to look up at him still making the same face like this

and he looked down and was like “Wasn’t that cool?!?!” And then I had a little moment and was like “Yeah!!” Then Lee looked behind him at a giant set, pointed, and said “Have you been up there yet?” And I said no, and he was like follow me!” So he led me up the stares up to that set (Which was freaking amazing) and he told me a little bit about the set, and I told him some facts about that certain location in the book and he was like “Hmm I didn’t know that!” And then we walked down the steps, and right at the bottom of the steps were Gandalf’s staffs. Lee said “Have you seen these yet? There’s so many of them because of the stunt doubles and to make the dwarves look smaller and Gandalf taller.” And then I told him I held one earlier and he said “I’m pretty sure no one would notice if you took one and hid it under your sweater.” Then I laughed and said “I wish.” And I was telling him how Gandalf has 2 brown  staffs and I told him why that is and he literally looked at me like this
And said “Really…I didn’t know that!!” And he looked genuinely interested. It made me feel so bubbly. Here’s a dialogue of our next conversation: Note, this whole time I was thinking “Why is Lee Pace taking the time to hang out with me [we were literally all alone for like 20 mins, it was heaven.] No one talks to me! Boys don’t talk to me! Girls don’t even talk to me, WHY IS LEE TALKING TO ME IS THIS A DREAM) Anyway, it went a little something like this:
Lee: “So since you’ve read the books and stuff, am I how you pictured Thranduil to me? What do you think?”
Me: “Well, lemme think. I think you’re a fantastic Thranduil, but I didn’t really imagine the giant elk.” 
Lee: “Oh, man that thing was so hard to ride. It was a giant horse, and they had to put the digit elk over it, it was crazy.”
Me: “That’s so amazing though. Oh, and I didn’t really imagine the crown the way it was, well I mean you aren’t wearing the same one now.” (He was wearing a different crown, that looked really pretty lol)
Lee: “Oooh yeah. I only wear that one when I’m in my house, my other one is for battle.”
Me: “Oh, so that’s your man-cave crown?”
Lee: *laughs* “Man-cave crown? I’m gunna have to use that in interviews!!”
Me: *laughs* It’s all yours! *me noticing his head because his wig looked like it hurt* So, does your wig hurt? Your face looks a little pushed back.
Lee: “A little, they kind of need to push my eyebrows back, then glue it on. You get used to it after awhile.”
Me: “What about the ears?”
Lee: *pushes wig hair back to show me his ears* “Sometimes I don’t even remember that these are on. I don’t mind them.  But you wanna know the crazy thing is, that the wig is 100% human hair. Someone had to sit there and grow their hair out this long for this movie. Like, you know Galadriel, Cate Blanchett’s character, that’s all real hair.”
Me: “That’s insane. But I guess it’s worth it. Aren’t the dwarves wigs made of yak hair? Or something like that.” 
Lee: “Yeah, well their beards I think. The hair on their heads might be real. Sometimes the dwarves will spend hours in prosthetic and not even get to film that day. They just sit around and collect sweat, I’m pretty luck, when I’m in costume, I usually film. But yeah, I think their hair is real.” 
Me: “Hmm…I never wore wigs when I lost my hair. I think they’re great for movies, but to wear it for your own purposes kinda creeps me out.” 
Lee: “That’s understandable. How long ago did you lose your hair?” (sidenote: He looked so intrigued and actually like he cared about what I had to say, I can’t thank him enough) 
Me: “I lost it 2 weeks after my diagnosis, so about the middle of December in 2011.”
Lee: “How long have you been growing out what you have now?”
Me: “This is almost a year’s worth. I’m actually very lucky to be here. They didn’t know if it would be a reality for a while. Things weren’t looking too bright.” 
Lee: “I’m really glad you’re here. I think it’s amazing.”
Me: “Thanks you so much, it’s beyond my wildest dreams that I’m actually here. My first Wish was to go to the Wellington premier.”
Lee: “Why couldn’t you go?” 
Me: “The foundation said it was because of “security reasons.”
Lee: “Those bastards!!!” 
Me: *laughs* “Yeah, but I sure am glad to be here now. This is 10x’s better. By the way, I didn’t know you were going to be here. I wrote the dwarves letters, because I knew that they were here but I didn’t know you were going to be here.
Lee: “Oh, that’s fine, it’s really okay.”
Me: “Well, mostly it just said that The Lord of the Rings helped me through a rough time-“
Lee: “Yeah, I heard you say that earlier, what do you mean by that? Is it because of the cancer?”
Me: “Well, my Mom passed away when I was little, and I was thrown into a cinderella nasty stepmom situation, but immersing myself in Tolkien’s world really made everything better. And The Hobbit really gave me something to look forward to during chemo and stuff. It really helped me pull through, so thank you for being apart of that.”
Lee: “Oh jeez, you don’t need to say that, you’re welcome. It’s really nothing. Thank you.” 
Me: “I know you guys work real hard, but all of this looks so fun.” 
Lee: “Oh, totally! It’s all fun. I mean I play dress up for hours. I love it.” 
Me: “I bet it’s nice to get out of costume and shower and just lay in bed after a long day.”
Lee: “It’s the best feeling in the world!” 
Then Seamus came over and started talking to Lee about his prescription that needed to be filled or something. While he talking and I stood there like a little hobbit compared to this large elf, I thought about how much Lee made my life. He didn’t have to take time out of his usy, tired day to talk to me, let alone hang out with me like that. He could’ve just ignored me standing there and not flagged me over, but he didn’t. He was the most down to earth, lovely human being on the planet. He didn’t treat me like “the girl with cancer” like most people do, ( I mean I know sometimes they don’t realize but meh.) He treated me like a regular girl. And that means so much to me. I wish I could tell him that. 
After he was done talking we got a picture together, and then gave hugs, and he had to go. 
Then Seamus took me back over to my family on the other side and Sebastian was there too. Then Sebastian left to go get Peter Jackson. While Sebastian was gone, Super Nice Weapons Guy knelt down by my side and showed me this chainmail and was like “This is the stuff the dwarves use as their armor. You can have it! Some of the pieces come apart so you can arrange them how you want.” So I took one and I now wear it on my Key to Erebor :) 
After that Mr. Jackson came out and I was so happy. I have never smiled so much in my entire life the amount of times I smiled during this trip. I told Peter Jackson how thankful I was towards him for bringing Tolkien’s works to life, because he helped me and thousands of others get through rough times. He was very flustered and it was adorable. Then, I pulled out the big guns. I told him I had something to give him. I pulled a tee shirt that said “Team Sammwise the Brave” on it with a green ribbon for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. I explained to him how I spell my nickname, Samm, with 2 m’s and that’s how my cancer team name came to be, because Samwise was so brave in The Lord of the Rings. I was like,” you can have it, I brought here for you” And he was like “Oh really shouldn’t have thank you so much.” And then I pulled out all the letters, with his and Fran’s on top. I explained to him how there’s one for each dwarf and some other actors in there and he flipped through them (they were all decorated nicely and stuff) and he was like “Wow…you were really working hard. I’ll be sure to give these to them, thank you so much.” And then I said “No, really Mr. Jackson, thank you.” and he got all emotional and hugged me.
Then he had to go back filming and Sebastian said “I’m so glad that you came on a day where so many nice people were here!” And everyone really was fantastic. Then, by this time it was around 7:30, which mind you, we were only supposed to stay till 3! Sebastian kept saying they’d be there all night and they’d set a sleeping bag up for me hahaha. But finally, our driver called them, because it was way later than exected, and we had to go. As we left, Aidan Turner was flipping through some lines, and he looked up for a split second and gave me a big smile as I waved goodbye. Then we walked outside with Sebastian and I told him that I loved his sweater and that he was really great. He said “Keep in touch! We wanna know how you’re doing!” And I said “I will! Please tell everyone I said goodbye!” And I gave him a hug, and that was the end to the best day of my entire life.
This trip was life changing for me. I’m sorry if this made you jealous, or if you don’t believe me, but I can assure you, I’m not lying. They haven’t sent me the pictures yet, so I’m thinking that I might have to wait til the movies come out because some of the actors were in uniform. :( Everyone there was so sweet to me, and made it the best experience of my life. I wish I could thank everyone of them individually. I wish I could repay them. I wish I could make them as happy as they made me. So if any of you cast or crew members see this, thank you for bringing light into my life. 
The End :)

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